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    The "E" Stands For Every Kind of Waterproofing!


    We constantly seek the latest innovations in moisture control, and find them in the products of RPC – the Rubber Polymer Corporation. They constantly pioneer products for residential waterproofing, commercial solutions, air and vapor barriers, liquid applied flashing, and crack sealants. Their latest innovation is a building envelope air and vapor barrier. Our expert installation ensures the engineered success of these products, which are described below.

    GraywallGet the inventive moisture control systems of RPC – Rubber Polymer Corporation
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    Rub-R-Wall® and Graywall™ home waterproofing solutions

    1. Rub-R-Wall® Waterproofing is sprayed on and dries to form a seamless membrane of protection. When used on new residential foundations, it comes with a limited, lifetime warranty. Rub-R-Wall® Plus Waterproofing is an even tougher version with higher tensile strength.
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    2. Graywall™ Waterproofing is an all polymer membrane. It is an affordable alternative to asphalt based membranes, and its elasticity bridges cracks well. Graywall™ Lite Dampproofing is an all polymer protection against moisture for foundations. This is a low-cost, high-performance membrane. Graywall™ Products Carry a Ten Year Materials Warranty.
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    The premier commercial-grade product

    • Rub-R-Wall® CG Waterproofing is designed for commercial, industrial and institutional waterproofing. It’s a polymer membrane for both vertical and horizontal substrates including foundation walls, elevator shafts and slabs.
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    Air and Vapor Barriers

      The AVB Is Air Tight

    • Rub-R-Wall® Airtight VP; “VP” stands for “vapor permeable”. This acrylic outer shell membrane stops airflow in or out yet allows water vapor transmission from the interior to prevent condensation. VP acrylic membrane adheres to CMU, concrete, exterior sheathing and most other building materials, and earns energy efficiency points towards LEED Certification.
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    • Rub-R-Wall® Airtight Air & Vapor Barrier dries to a seamless, 100% rubber membrane coating the building envelope. It is impermeable to air and vapor. It can be spray applied directly to concrete, CMU and exterior drywall and has been approved by the Air Barrier Association of America.

    Liquid Applied Flashing

    • Rub-R-Flash™ is an elastomeric substantial coating designed to replace typical self adhering window and door flashing membranes. It can be brushed on, applied with a trowel, or rolled onto wood, OSB, aluminum, steel, concrete, masonry, and other substrates.

    Crack Injection and Sealants

    Rigid 600 Crack Injection is a two-part epoxy available in cartridges. Crack Injection Polyurethane Foam is water-reactive expanding foam in a cartridge, for injection into wet and actively leaking cracks. Epoxy Surface Paste is a two-part epoxy paste for sealing the surface of a crack prior to injection. Pipe Seal Kit is a polyurethane foam system designed to seal a 4” to 5” pipe. L-17 Water Repellant is engineered for masonry, concrete, brick and block surfaces. Only 24 hours after it is applied, moisture cannot penetrate this crystalline barrier.Click here for more info.

    All Rubber Polymer Corporation (RPC) products have architect and engineer specs available.

    Innovations in moisture control products from RBC;
    skilled installation and customer service from us
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