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    The "E" Stands For Every Kind of Waterproofing!

    RichTech Industries

    We proudly feature the foremost specialized products waterproofing, supplied by RichTech, the industry leader in professional waterproofing solutions. These are top-quality barriers, drains, sump pumps, backup pumps, basins and structure repair products. The company strives to move forward innovation in all of its products.

    DurawallProfessional waterproofing is ensured with quality products, expertly installed
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    When a barrier is the solution for water seepage

    Durawall is a high impact wall panel to cover and seal interior foundation wall and to direct water flow into a drainage system to keep the basement interior dry.

    Safewall fire rated panels cover and seal interior foundation walls, direct water to drainage system, keeping the basement interior dry.

    Flexi-seal is a membrane applied to basements and crawl spaces that transforms a damp crawlspace into a clean, dry storage space.

    We offer drains to channel away water RichTech provides three different kinds of high efficiency drains that send water in multiple paths and around blockages in the drain tile.

    Sump pumps from the top manufacturers

    Wayne features the “switch genius” technology; Zoeller submersible pumps are available in various horsepower; Barnes offers high performance sump pumps and Metropolitan Industries manufactures submersible options.

    Backup pumps
    Zoeller, Barnes, Metropolitan Industries and Wayne make dependable backup systems with powerful batteries and alarms to let you know the main system is off.

    Basins and Other Accessories

    RichTech distributes a full complement of the accessories needed for successful waterproofing, including sump pump basins that easily accommodate two full size sump pumps. They are heavy duty, to keep their shape during backfill and concreting. All basins feature secure bolt-down lids. These lids are available in standard slotted and gasket seals. These innovative lids are available separately if needed.

    • Batteries, Alarms, Check Valves and Moisture Meters complete this brief picture of the exceptional RichTech line of solutions.
    • Because we feature this distinctive equipment, we are expert in advice, design and precise installation.

    Why condition rather than vent your crawl space

    For a year, The Building Science Corporation studied conditioned crawl spaces and compared them with vented areas. Their top three findings are:
    Basin Sump Pit

    1. Conditioned crawl spaces perform better than vented crawl spaces in terms of safety, health, comfort, durability and energy consumption.
    2. Conditioned crawl spaces also do not cost more to construct than vented crawl spaces.
    3. Existing vented crawl spaces are experiencing serious moisture and mold problems and are costing builders and homeowners significant resources to repair.

    A study of sump pumps and interior draining

    The University of Minnesota extension studied basement moisture and solutions. Here are their conclusions about draining and use of sump pumps.

    1. In most cases when water is entering the basement, an interior drainage system is installed. The simplest and least costly approach is a drainage channel adhered at the base of the wall and the floor slab.
    2. Water is collected and drained into a sump using another channel placed on top of the slab, then through a trap to the sump basin.
    3. The sump should have an airtight, childproof cover.

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