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    The "E" Stands For Every Kind of Waterproofing!

    Waterproofing a Basement in Portage

    Waterproofing a basement in Portage will make a huge difference if your lower level is damp, leaking or prone to flooding. If you live in Portage, it is important to hire a contractor who not only knows the area, but works it all the time. We are local basement waterproofing service with a long track record. We know the way the area’s homes were built. We will help make your basement air dry and healthy, and we will guarantee it for life.

    Waterproofing a Basement

    Are you worried about leaks? Is your sump pump running overtime whenever it rains? Or are you just getting ready to refinish the lower level and turn it into real living space? No matter what your concerns are about your space below grade, waterproofing a basement in Portage can take care of it.

    We have been doing this kind of work since 1994 and have worked on more than 10,000 homes and buildings – including prestigious buildings like those on the University of Notre Dame campus. Over 100 builders have actually come to us to solve and prevent underground leak problems. Our products and techniques are fully guaranteed to work.

    When you’re serious about waterproofing a basement in Portage, call a company with world class values and excellent customer care. Call Big “E” today and get your free estimate. You will see right away why so many homeowners, commercial building owners and building professionals have come to trust us. Why you have leaks

    Your basement is basically a hole in the ground surrounded by loose soil. This “back filled" dirt absorbs water more easily than the soil in your yard. The moisture it holds puts pressure on below-grade walls. When it rains a lot, this hydrostatic pressure increases.

    Why is this important?

    Traditional concrete is not waterproof and won’t keep it out all by itself. It gets into tiny cracks in the walls that could end up making the space unsafe to use.

    Minerals in the concrete or masonry walls can leach out and form white spots known as efflorescence. It is a sure sign of problems.

    Mold and mildew love moisture. They can take hold and cause breathing problems throughout the house. If you smell mustiness, that’s mold. Do you want to put your family at this kind of risk?

    If your basement was sealed when your house was built – or you were told the house you bought has basement waterproofing – you should know that old sealants can break down over time.

    Our way of waterproofing a basement in Portage works. We are so sure, we offer a free warranty that lasts a lifetime and is transferrable if you ever sell your home.

    Any water in your lower level is a sign of trouble and it won’t get better. If you want to start enjoying your basement without worry, call an experienced contractor. We know where to find the leaks and how to stop them for good. We can also offer you Santa Fe Dehumidifiers, a system that brings fresh air from the outside in. Call now and learn more.

    Seal Water Out

    Don’t Ignore Leak Problems

    Water is the source of life, but it is also the source of expensive problems for millions of homeowners. Not only can it give you a very serious mold issue; it can also rot out your building materials over time. Dampness is absorbed into wood, drywall, plaster and sheathing. Your current sealant may be failing or made with old technology. When you call us for waterproofing a basement in Portage, you will get reliable repairs.

    We use the latest methods and products.

    You will not get sales; you will get solutions that fit your problem – never more than what you need!

    You will prevent new problems like cracks, crumbling and swelling of walls. You will get a dry underground space whether it is unfinished or remodeled.

    What We Can Do for You

    There are a lot of ways to seal water out and keep it out. Waterproofing a basement in Portage can range from sealing up cracks with an epoxy mixture to sealing the walls themselves. Sometimes the walls are too far gone and need rebuilding. In a few cases it’s a good idea to fix the problem from the outside with exterior waterproofing and a perimeter drainage system.

    Whatever the reason you have for calling us, we will offer you a way to improve your underground living space. Make it dry, warm and healthy. Call now for a free estimate on waterproofing a basement in Portage today.