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    Waterproofing a Basement in Hobart

    When you notice moisture in the lower level of your home, it may be time to consider waterproofing a basement in Hobart. At Big “E” Waterproofing, we have been servicing the needs of both commercial and residential properties for almost 20 years. We have worked on more than 10,000 properties since 1994 and have become a leading waterproofing contractor in the area. We’ve even sealed distinguished locations like the University of Notre Dame. Contact us today to create a better environment in your home.

    Signs of Moisture

    Signs of Moisture

    The average homeowner may not realize that their original water barriers have begun to fail. It only takes small cracks and crevices to allow moisture into your home and create a problem. Some signs like standing water or large cracks will be more obvious. However, if you notice a musty smell or discolored spots on the walls, you may have a growing issue.

    How the Water Gets In

    A basement is surrounded by soil that absorbs water. As the soil absorbs more water from rain or sprinkler systems, it will expand. That moisture has to go somewhere. When your space is sealed properly, it will either be used by plants and animals or evaporate into the air. If you have open cracks, the water will come into your home. You may think the water barriers on your property are sufficient, but the expansion and contraction of the soil can cause your foundation to shift and walls to crack. Waterproofing a basement in Hobart is the only way you can keep moisture out.

    The Effects of a Leak

    Water can cause many types of damages to your home. If caught early, they can be remedied and prevented from happening again by waterproofing a basement in Hobart.

    Wood rot – Water can seep deep into your home and cause serious damage to the very structure. Wood framing and drywall are vulnerable to the effects of moisture and can weaken and deteriorate from exposure. Depending on the extent of the damage, this can make the structural support of your home unstable and even dangerous.

    Mold – It only takes a short time for a colony of mold to take hold and grow. In ideal environments, it takes just 24 hours from the time moisture is introduced. It can rapidly reproduce and become a serious problem by infesting your drywall, carpeting, furniture and more. The spores can become airborne and create an unhealthy environment, especially for people with existing respiratory illnesses. Waterproofing a basement in Hobart can help prevent this nuisance from causing expensive damage.

    Foundation problems – Whenever anything absorbs water, it is forced to expand to create space. If your foundation absorbs water, it will expand and can crack. Waterproofing a basement in Hobart is an important and effective strategy for protecting the very foundation of your home.

    Waterproofing A Basement

    Improving the Air Quality

    When you choose Big “E” Waterproofing for waterproofing a basement in Hobart, you can also look to us for effective means to improve the air quality of your lower level. Our Sant Fe Dehumidifiers help remove musty air from the basement. Unlike other systems that simply recirculate the air, ours actually moves the damp air outdoors and creates a flow for the fresh, dry air indoors. In conjunction with waterproofing, your basement will become a healthier and fresher environment.

    Our Inspection

    When you request our services, we perform an inspection to find exactly where the moisture is getting in and a strategy to create a barrier. Our treatment plan may include things like repairing cracks in walls, epoxy injection, sealing walls and floors and possibly some reconstruction. We will also examine the condition of your foundation to ensure that it is not experiencing moisture damage as well.

    Waterproofing a basement in Hobart should be done by trained professionals like our team at Big “E” Waterproofing. Thousands of clients have trusted us to create a more comfortable and healthy environment on their property. Contact us today!