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    Waterproof Foundation

    Waterproof Foundation

    A waterproof foundation is a normal and necessary feature of every home. Unfortunately, either due to a construction error or an unforeseen harshness of the elements, foundations sometimes begin to lose their waterproofing sealant after several years of exposure. When your home's basement or foundation begins to lose its waterproofing, you may experience some small leaking, seeping, trickling or pooling of water in your basement. Unwanted water in your home is dangerous not only to your home's value, but also to its structural integrity and to your health.

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    If you have a wet or leaky basement, don't hesitate to act to re-establish your waterproof foundation. Water damage in your home can be pretty serious, not only will you experience a damp or wet floor in your basement that makes it impossible to use the space, but you could also see crumbling drywall, bloated wooden fixtures, rotting joists, rusting pipes, peeling paint and more. A waterproof foundation prevents moisture from accumulating in your home and stops the progress of water damage. If you're experiencing a wet or leaky basement, don't hesitate to give us a call today. A repaired waterproof foundation is just what you need to get your basement back - and the quality of your home.

    • Waterproof foundation that lasts
    • No more peeling paint and crumbling drywall
    • Cleaner, fresher air
    • A warm, dry and usable basement

    Why is my basement wet?

    Exterior Basement SealingBasements can become susceptible to water leakage and seepage for a variety of reasons. First, it's possible that your waterproof foundation wasn't built exactly correctly during the construction of your home, leaving it vulnerable to eventual breakdown and failure. If the contractors that built your home left just a small seem or joint in your foundation unsealed, your basement could eventually start to leak once the water has found a path into your house. Also, the type of lawn, yard or garden that you have plays a factor. Dense tree or bush coverage can reduce the amount of sunlight that your lawn is exposed to, and consequently reduce the amount of evaporation that takes place. With less evaporation, your yard could be predisposed to being excessively waterlogged, which will put more pressure on your basement's sealant. Additionally, if your lawn is graded or sloped, it could cause draining moisture to run in the direction of your house, which again increases the pressure on your basement wall's exterior. There are plenty of reasons that your basement's sealant could be breaking down and allowing water in; if you're experiencing a leaky basement, don't hesitate to give us a call for a new waterproof foundation!

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    Water damage, what's that?

    Water can do a lot of damage to your house and home, and it doesn't stop at just getting things wet. If your basement is leaky or damp, you already know that water can destroy usable storage space and create a foul smelling, unsightly area; but that's not where the damage ends. Water in your basement increases the humidity of the air in your home, which allows ceiling tiles, drywall, wooden components like doors and door jambs, and even structural components like joists to absorb the excess moisture. This can cause bloating, swelling, warping and crumbling, as well as rotting and rusting within your home. In addition to the degradation of your home structurally, the increased moisture drastically affects the air quality of your house by fostering an environment where mildew, mold and fungus spores thrive. These growths don't just create an unpleasant smell, they also aggravate existing respiratory conditions as well as increase the likelihood that you and your family will contract upper respiratory tract infections. The effects of water damage are far reaching and difficult and expensive to repair. With a newly sealed waterproof foundation, you can stop the problem before it starts.

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