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    The "E" Stands For Every Kind of Waterproofing!

    Crown Point Waterproofing Basement

    Your Crown Point waterproofing basement needs are only a phone call or a click away. As the lowest point of your house, this room is the starting point for all types of damage to the rest of your home, and it can even make it impossible to refinish. Call Indiana’s leader for waterproofing solutions that last.

    Moldy Basement

    Is your lower level damp, moist or moldy smelling? Is there water pooling in a corner? There are a lot of different reasons for this but you can rest easier knowing you don’t have to live with it. As the leading Crown Point waterproofing basement contractor, we are a local team with the answers you need. And we have the experience to fix any kind of leakage problem. We have waterproofed more than 10,000 properties since 1994.

    Why Basements Leak

    While the source of dampness might be a mystery to you, we will know the cause and we will solve it. Common reasons to consider Crown Point waterproofing basement services:
    .- Standing water, especially when it rains .- A lingering mustiness or damp air .- Big cracks in lower level walls .- Seepage

    Discolored spots known as efflorescence

    The cause behind all of these is water, and you need it kept out of your basement. If you don’t fix it, you could have all kinds of expensive problems that spread to other places in your home.

    Wood rot – Moist air is just evaporated water, but that water has to go somewhere. One of its favorite spots is in the wood, drywall and other building materials that make up the backbone of your house. Over time, these can rot and have to be replaced. You can avoid expensive fixes with our Crown Point waterproofing basement services.

    Mold and mildew – Fungus thrives on moisture. The trouble is, mold spreads its spores through the air. You could breathe them in, and they are terrible for your health. A dry basement won’t have that problem.

    Air quality – If you plan to refinish the lower level, you want it dry and comfortable. You want to breathe sweet, clean air. To remove dampness and mustiness, you need a Crown Point waterproofing basement company with experience, and we have it.

    Basement Waterproofing Solutions

    When you have a moisture problem in your lower level, you need someone who will come to you fast, offer you affordable solutions and be there for you in the future. Big “E” Waterproofing is in the area to stay. When you call us, you will talk to the owner of the company. He will personally inspect the work that is done, and the services that are performed will be exactly what you need. We are not the kind of the company that will hard-sell you something you don’t need. If simple crack repair is enough, then that is what we will do. And if you do need more comprehensive Crown Point waterproofing basement services, we will explain why. Your estimate is free and we give you all the time you need to make a decision. Because we know it is a big decision.

    Crown Point Waterproofing Basement

    Some of Our Services

    Every house is different and the causes of water damage can vary. So we write up a treatment plan just for you. Some of the solutions our basement waterproofing service offers are wall repair, epoxy injection of cracks, waterproofing the walls and floors, and wall reconstruction. Sometimes we have to treat the foundation and put in an exterior drainage system to stop the water from coming near the foundation walls.

    Sump pumps are a temporary fix for a much deeper problem. A healthy, protected basement does not leak. Yours may be having problems because of waterlogged soil pressing into the walls, changing ground conditions or the way the foundation was built. We can give you an answer and make the problem go away for good.

    Call now for your custom Crown Point waterproofing basement solution and get a lifetime transferrable warranty.