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    Waterproofing Concrete

    Concrete Basement Waterproofing

    Our waterproofing concrete can fix your damaged basement and stop the effects of water damage. When it comes to moisture, leaks, dampness, trickles or pools of water in your basement, you don't want to hesitate. Water damage in your house or home is a serious problem. Not only does water in your basement mean that you can't store your things there, it can also mean the degradation of your home in almost every aspect. The presence of moisture or water fosters an environment where mold, mildew and fungus spores thrive, crumbles drywall, bloats ceiling tiles, destroys carpet and other flooring, causes swelling and warping of wooden fixtures, and can even rot the joists in your first floor. Many people underestimate the effects of water damage and are surprised by the expensive and time consuming repairs. With our waterproofing concrete you can stop the problem before it starts. You can prevent your home from falling victim to water damage before it's able to cause any of these problems.

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    When it comes to protecting your health and the health of your loved ones as well as the value of your home, there's no reason to hesitate. A little leak or dampness may seem harmless at first, but don't let it fool you. Our waterproofing concrete is a great way to repair your basement and prevent any moisture from breaching the sealant barrier of your home. Give us a call today to learn more about waterproofing concrete!

    • Prevent further water damage
    • Stop the problem before it becomes more expensive
    • Waterproofing concrete professionals you can trust
    • Get back your dry, usable basement

    How does water get in my basement?

    Waterproofing Concrete InteriorWater gets into your basement in a variety of ways. When your house was being built, a huge hole was dug to lay your foundation in. After the foundation was laid and the walls of your basement were built, the soil was filled back into the space between your basement walls and the edge of the hole, after, that is, a sealant tar was applied to the walls. The soil that was filled back in, or "back filled" soil, is far looser than regular soil because it's been dug up. The looseness of the soil makes it more absorbing, so that when it rains or snows or the groundwater raises, more water collects in the soil around your home than in regular dirt. This phenomena is normal, and often the original application of sealant to your basement is sufficient to keep out the moisture. Sometimes, though, heavy rain and snow or solvents introduced into the soil can cause a slow break down of your moisture barrier, and eventually its failing altogether. Our waterproofing concrete is a great way to prevent the failure of your home's moisture barrier. No matter how or why your basement is experiencing leaking, seeping, trickling or pooling water, our professionals can find the problem and fix it. When it comes to keeping your home dry, our waterproofing concrete is the answer. Give us a call today!

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    How bad is water damage, really?

    Your home can suffer very serious damage from water leaks. When it comes to dampness or pooling water in your basement, you need to act as soon as you can. In addition to basement leaks ruining your stored boxes and preventing you from using the space, they also contribute to several far more serious problems. When water leaks into your basement it can evaporate and be absorbed by other parts of your house. The increased humidity in your home can seriously damage porous substances such as woods and drywall, as well as cause rust to form on pipes and metal fixtures. Eventually, you can expect crumbling drywall, warped woods, drooping, discolored ceiling tiles, and even rotting structural components of your home such as joists. Fortunately, these problems can be avoided by repairing and preventing basements leaks using our waterproofing concrete. Give us a call today!

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